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149. VIDEO: „10 common Jazz essential chord progression you need to know.
Part 1“
150. VIDEO: „10 essential common jazz chord progressions you need to
know. Part 2“
151. Ella Fitzgerald: „The nearness of you“
152. Ella Fitzgerald: „Misty“
153. VIDEO: „Essential harmony the Back door II – V progression tutorial“
154. Stevie Wonder: „Knocks me off my feet“
155. VIDEO: „6 Stevie Wonder back door II – V progression“
156. Stevie Wonder: „Ordinary pain“
157. VIDEO: „Essencial / basic harmony of / with Stevie Wonder“
158. VIDEO: „Amazing Stevie Wonder Tritone substitution tutorial“
159. Stevie Wonder: „As“
160. VIDEO: „Whole tone scale-Theory-Applications-Patterns-Crystal clear“
161. VIDEO: „How does Stevie Wonder use the Whole tone scale“
162. VIDEO: „26 Turnarounds in C major – Jazz guitar lesson by Achim Kohl“
163. VIDEO: „26 Turnarounds in C minor – Jazz guitar lesson by Achim Kohl“
164. Steely Dan: „Peg“
165. Steely Dan: „Pretzel logic“
166. Steely Dan: „Hey Nineteen“
167. Steely Dan: „Josie“
168. Steely Dan: „Deacon blues“
169. Steely Dan: „Black cow

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