Nastavni plan

Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan

  1. VIDEO: „Essential / basic harmony of / with Stevie Wonder“
  2. VIDEO: „Essential harmony the Back door II – V progression tutorial“
  3. Stevie Wonder: „Knocks me off my feet“
  4. VIDEO: „6 Stevie Wonder back door II – V progression“
  5. Stevie Wonder: „Ordinary pain“
  6. VIDEO: „Amazing Stevie Wonder Tritone substitution tutorial“
  7. Stevie Wonder: “My Cherie amour”
  8. Michael Jackson: “I can’t help it”
  9. Stevie Wonder: „As“
  10. VIDEO: „Whole tone scale-Theory-Applications-Patterns-Crystal clear“
  11. VIDEO: „How does Stevie Wonder use the Whole tone scale“
  12. Stevie Wonder: “You are the sweetest somebody I know”
  1. Steely Dan: „Peg“
  2. Steely Dan: „Pretzel logic“
  3. Steely Dan: „Hey Nineteen“
  4. Steely Dan: „Josie“
  5. Steely Dan: „Deacon blues“
  6. Steely Dan: „Black cow”